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John   March 27, 2016   Comments Off on Default Gateway

How can we define a default route? In the world of computer networking, a default route can be defined as a setting on the computer which identifies which packet forwarding regulation or rule to utilize in the case when a specific route can be established for a certain IP (short… Read more » Localhost IP Definition

John   March 25, 2016   Comments Off on Localhost IP Definition

What Does This IP Address Represent? This is a so-called loopback address, or, in other words, a non-routable Internet Protocol address which can be defined as the local computer. To make this even more comprehensible, this is the address of any personal computer or laptop in front of a user… Read more » IP Address Definition

John   March 14, 2016   Comments Off on IP Address Definition

What is this Internet Protocol address and what are its uses? The address is the default IP address for the local network, but for certain broadband routers for homes, which pertains to SMC and Belkin models. When it first started to be sold, this particular IP address was set… Read more » IP Address Definition – 192.168.l.l

John   March 12, 2016   Comments Off on IP Address Definition – 192.168.l.l

What is the definition of an IP address? An Internet Protocol address is the key system for the identification of computers and other devices on computer networks. It is a fact that every computer (this also includes additional network devices or machines) which is connected to the Internet has an… Read more »